Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover

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Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover
We as teenagers are often defined as shallow, naive, and sometimes uncompassionate youngsters.
Most of this recognition comes from our common failure to take social risks and possess an open mind.
We are all one student body, yet we are so separated in many aspects. Much of the segregation exists
because we are unable to look past appearances. What gives designer clothes, thick lensed glasses, or
different hairstyles the authority to determine if we are people who are worth knowing? Would you feel
hurt if people rejected you because you had a few pimples on your face? Would it be fair? These days,
there is too much emphasis on looks. If everyone would take a brief moment to see the shining wit or
loving personality in a person instead of his or her body, then the world would unmistakably be a better
There are many truly great and natural differences among people. “Nerds” are not “football
players.” Their talents, skills, and capacities are not the same. An unalterable condition in human society
is that the lowest cannot be made equal with the highest. Nature is vain. However, these conditions are
adapted to benefit both individuals as well as the community. Life requires varied aptitudes, diverse
services, and miscellaneous types of people to carry on its affairs as life as a whole. Drawn by our natural
tendencies to fall into peer pressure, in our feelings of inadequacy, we constantly seek to form exclusive
associations or “cliques.” Within these groups, we should discourage any exclusion based on the wrong
reasons such as appearances, which many people cannot drastically change. It is important to remember
that our harmony depends on our effort and ability to accept others in whatever form they come, even if
they are different in ethnicity, religion, or appeara!
All forms of conformity are self sacrilege. We are in a state of many changes, a chance to try new
things, and to discover who we really a

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