Gender in As You Like It

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Gender in "As You Like It"

Many characters undergo a change in William Shakespeare’s
play, As You Like It. Duke Senior goes from being a member of a court
to being a member of a forest. Orlando changes from a bitter younger
brother to a love-sick young man. But the most obvious transformation
undergone, is done by Rosalind. Her change from woman to man, not
only alters her mood, candor, and gender, but allows her to be the
master of ceremonies.
Celia and Rosalind are fairly happy in the court of Celia’s
father, Duke Frederick. However, much to her surprise, the Duke
banishes Rosalind from his court. Celia, not allowing her beloved
cousin to "go it alone", decides to accompany her to where ever she
may roam. They decide to search out Rosalind’s father, Duke Senior,
in the forest of Arden. Before they depart, Rosalind decides that for
both her and Celia’s safety, she will dress herself as a man, saying,

"Were it not better,
Because that I am more than common tall,
That I did suit me all points like a man?
A gallant curtal ax upon my thigh,
A boar spear in my hand, and- in

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