How to produce a high school newspaper

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How to produce a high school newspaper
I sat nervously in front of the classroom while my hands shook uncontrollably. I sat and
watched each member of my staff walk into the classroom one by one. Lumps formed in my
throat as I tried to swallow them into my churning stomach. These were the chosen students
who were going to depend on me, their editor-in-chief, for guidance and assistance. All of a
sudden, a piercing ringing of the bell indicated that it was time for me to begin. I was the person
in charge of nineteen fellow peers. I wasnít sure what to expect while hundreds of questions
raced through my mind: What if they donít listen to me? What if Iím not experienced enough?
Can I just forget about this and go home? The first day of class was the most nerve wracking
and scariest day I have ever had to experience during the course of my short-lived newspaper
career. Coordinating a high school newspaper staff and creating a newspaper every three weeks
is a lot of fun, but on the other hand, it involves a lot frustration. Much goes into producing a
high school newspaper, but most important is the ability to manage and organize a group of
people within an allotted amount of time. Patience is also crucial in order to understand and
help other staff members. However, when itís completed, the satisfaction is its own reward.
Before understanding the entire newspaper production process, there are a few key
people whose duties rely heavily on it. The editor-in-chief is the actual ďbig cheeseĒ or ďhead
honcho.Ē As the editor-in-chief, it was my job to organize and lead the class during every issue
to produce a newspaper. This stressful position required good leadership skills, people skills,
and production skills since the other staff members depended on me, the editor-in-chief, to
direct them. The advisor is usually a teacher who doesnít actual run the class, but advises the
editor-in-chief when needed. Section editors have the duty of laying out each page in their
section. Some section editors have assistants to help them, but most donít because they usually
only have two to three pages.
Reporters are the glue in this process. Everything relies on their story and the deadlines they
meet. Their main duty is to meet the deadlines. If a reporter misses a deadline, or they are late,
then the entire production process gets held back. For instance, if a story is not ready, the
section editor canít layout the page without a story; the photograph

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