King George III

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King George III

England has never produced a ruler quite like King George III. Often called the mad king. George III is one of the most interesting figures in history. One of the most active rulers in his time, George III, despite his disabilities, has seen England and America through the French Indian war, and the American Revolution.
Unlike his grandfather George II, George III actively participated in the running of Great Britain. Government was one of his great passions in life. He owed much of his involvement in politics to his mother, Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, who raised him to be an active king, a ruling power, rather than a head figure. ³Be a King, George!² his mother said. Never having a chance to be a queen herself, Princess Augusta, tried to rule through her young son. Her husband, Frederick, died while still holding the position of, Prince of Whales.
Princess Augusta tried to rule through her son, after all, when he became king, in 1760, he was only 22. She saw the power of government slip into the hands of Parliament, during the reign of George I, and George II. This was in part a result of lack of communication. George I spoke French and made little effort to learn the English language, and his son George II made no effort at all to learn English. They were both content to leave the workings of government to their ministers, while they remained king in name only.
But now came this young George III, setting out ³to eradicate the deep system of ministerial powerŠand to fulfill the executive trust vested in him by the lawsŠ² He wanted to take the reins of government, and put the power back into the royal family. He did not eliviate the ministers, and Parliament entirely, but they did have to go through him whenever an important decision was to be made. Of course the ministers did not like this new approach to things.
George III lead an active life, he enjoyed outdoor activities such as farming, horse back riding, and hunting. Another unusual characteristic of this new king was his loyalty to his wife, Charlotte of Mecklenbu-Strelitz. It is very common for English kings to have many mistresses throughout the course of their reign. Queen Charlotte was not the woman that George wanted to marry, his heart belonged to Lady Sarah Lennox, but he remained loyal to his wife even though she was not the woman he loved. George¹s advisor, John Stuart, Earl of Bute, advised that Ge

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