Kyle Swanson

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Kyle Swanson
English 99
New York

I know of a interesting place where people flock to in hope of success.

I on the other hand have been to this place twice as a tourist. People call

it the big apple or the city that never sleeps. Itís home to Wall Street and

the world champion Yankeeís. This place is called New York.

I go to New York annually to see Jake a friend of mine who lives there.

He is my best friend and went into the Air Force two years ago and ended

up in New York. Itís hard to raise enough money to get to New York and

still have enough money to go to school, but I manage.

New York is strange, peculiar, and mysterious all in one. If you drive a

vehicle in New York you better be ready to spend some money. To cross

just one of the many bridges you must pay a toll of about six dollars. To

park your car anywhere in downtown New York for a day, itíll cost you

around twenty two bucks on the average. Also, just driving downtown

can be hazardous for you and your car. Itís scary to see taxi cabs with grill

bars all the way around the vehicle, and to see paint spots o

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