Same sex marriage

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same sex marriage

"Oral report, yes or no?"
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Public opinion poll...same sex marriage...
questions on topic:

should marriage be between heterosexual couples or any two couples?

3. Should adoption be legal for same sex married couples.

June 23, 1997

Public opinion: Feared by the founding politics have to
be more friendly the people..."collection of similar attitudes and believes
that are shared by some portion of the population."

types of pulpit opinion

-intensity: How willing people are to express their opinion. More expression
can lead the intensity of a subject to be passed by Gov. ecpl.gays, abortion,
affirmative action...

-fluidity: "amount of change public opinion goes through in a period of
time"...exp. Bush administration...

-stability: "extent to which public opinion remains constant over a period
of time"exlp. 95% of public believe we should be more involved in Gov.

-latent: "people are not expressing their opinion to interest and
education"could be an argument for the elitist belief of Gov.

Forming Public Opinion: a concoction of family background, school, per\'s,
college, work place, exposure to society,

Sampling techniques

-Random Sample : every type of person should have a equal chance of being

-quota sample: targets a specific demographic group...

-sampling error: difference between what the sample show andtrue result of
all participating

Functions of the media:

shape public opinion

-profits: #1 priority; they are responsible tostco holders

-reporting news:


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