In the United States of America, we, the people value several things, some of which

are freedom, expanding and taking care of our families and our financial security.

We, the people, take such things for granted. We also discourage some behavior, such as

crime, laziness and use of illegal drugs. Drug abuse is one of the most discouraged

behaviors in our country. Use of illegal drugs is harmful to the userand all those with

whom the user comes in contact. There are over 40 million illegal drug users in the world

today and America is the biggest market for drugs1 . There are more drug dealers in this

country, than there are dentists. Illegal drug abuse must be stopped; it hurts our society,

hurts us, and, most of all, hurts the user. Drug users are parasites,

feeding off society\'s money, taxes and insurance. Every type of insurance goes up because

of drug abuse, including auto, health and homeowners. Worst of all, the crime rate

will sky rocket if we let this behavior continue. Illegal drugs and their abusers are a

plague to society for many different reasons..

Drugs have very harmful effects on the user and the people with whom the user

interacts. The user is affected in many ways. The most popular drug in America, alcohol,

is generally thought of as socially acceptable and relatively harmless. But it can have

devastating effects. Alcohol might seem very harmless but it

can harm the user very easily. Alcohol is easy to obtain and consume. It is taken as a

beverage and, since it is legal, it can be purchased at the corner store. The immediate

effects on the user are relaxation and a slight anesthetic effect. Alcohol is a very

addictive drug. There are more than 18 million alcoholics in America2 , an indication of

how widespread its harmful effects are. Alcoholics normally drink a lot on mornings and

weeknights, at times which separate them for noraml "social" drinkers. Often, the alcohol

will bring out a violent temper and often, alcoholics abuse, physically and mentally, their

friends and family. Drinking makes the drinker feel he is more confident. The drinker

thinks he is in control, even if a little high, and he might get behind the wheel of his car and

go for a drive. Drunk driving is deadly. Hundreds of thousands of people get killed

every year due to drunk driving. Other physical effects of drinking are vomiting, passing

out and sometimes, if enough alcohol is consumed over a long enough period of time, or if

mixed with other drugs, death.

Marijuana is a popular, and illegal, drug. Its largest consumers are young adults.

Marijuana is smoked in a pipe or rolled in a cigarette. Thirty-seven percent of people

between ages 12-17 have tried marijuana.3

Marijuana gives a slight buzzing feeling of light-headedness. Experimentation with

marijuana is dangerous because studies show that 60% of people who smoke marijuana on

a regular basis move on to try harder drugs soon after.4 Marijuana tends to diminish the

ambition and motivation in the user. In the long run, it may cause lung cancer and other

respiratory problems.

Cocaine is another popular, illegal, street drug. Cocaine is snorted or smoked as "

crack"(a cheaper and, as a result of being so affordable, more addictive way). Cocaine

gives the user a sense of well-being and extra energy. Cocaine is one of the most

dangerous drugs. In 1995, over 500,000 emergency room accidents were cocaine- related.5

Cocaine is one of the worst drugs because it causes respiratory illness and kills mucus


Heroin is the most addictive dangerous illegal drug on the streets. You\'ll become

a so- called "junkie" if you use it. It affects the hygiene and personal appearance of the

user a great deal, because nothing is as important to the user anymore as where that next

hit will come from. Heroin is injected and sometimes snorted. It causes great euphoria,

but also nausea and vomiting. Like any street drug, its user does not know what potency

he is getting from batch to batch. Therefore, there is always the risk that he will overdose

and die. Withdrawal from heroin can cause severe illness and death.

Drug abuse leads to all sorts of other crimes. Drug addicts need money to support