The crucible

How might you feel on the off chance that you were blamed for something you didn't do and on top of that had no chance to prove your innocence? Well Arthur Miller's play The Crucible talks about just that. He a well known American writer in the 1940's and 1950's, he was married to Marilyn Monroe at the time. In 1953 Arthur Miller wrote the famous play called The Crucible which was the non-fictional story of the 1692 salem witch hunts in massachusetts which ended up killing at least 19 innocent citizens. That being said, I will be proving how the injustices and differences inflicted upon the people in this play reveal their true nature.

John Proctor was one of the few affected by the social pressure in Salem. It all started when Proctor's family was suspected and accused of stabbing Abigail with a nail in the stomach. After Proctor and his wife got sent to jail for using "black magic". Proctor then was put under the social pressure to either lie in court and live or die for the truth and for his reputation as a good christian man, which will be ruined since he had that affair with Abby. John Proctor then responded by first signing the papers and agreeing to lie to please the court in order to live on but by the end he ends up changing his mind and ripping up the signatures and willing to die for the truth even if that meant having to ruin his family's life (Miller act 2).

Abigail was another person to be affected by social pressure and took negative advantage of it and accused many vulnerable citizens for her personal gain. When Abby figured out sooner or later people were gonna talk about who was at the forest dancing, she decided to blame and accuse other citizens of witchcraft who had no way of proving they were not guilty. Mary warren and John Proctor were one of the people she accused of witchcraft. She went on to ask Proctor to love her and run away with her since she was so obsessed with him, but when he denied her in jealousy she accused him of witchcraft by nailing herself in the stomach and secretly place a voodoo doll at John Proctor's house with a nail in its stomach which was enough evidence for the court to throw him and his wife in jail. That was how Abby responded to the social pressure presented upon her (Miller act 3).

All in all, these two different citizens reacted in opposite ways when put under pressure, Proctor help make a positive impact to the community and Abigail caused a negative impact on the community. Therefore, this really proves how the injustices and differences inflicted upon people in the play revealed their true nature. Going back to what I said in the beginning this was a tragedy caused by an unjustful and corrupt society and government. Lastly, this helped explain to me that a few lies can really affect a person and the people close to the person.